If Norwegian Road Spending was Elevation

After seeing Doug McCune’s playful visualization of public data, If San Fracisco Crime were Elevation I was tempted to do the same for a Norwegian data set.

After casting about for something to make heat maps out of I came upon KOSTRA, the official statistics from Norwegian municipalities. While not exactly as spectacular as prostitution in the Tenderloin, Norwegian road spending per capita is a political hot potato (or at least, a semi-lukewarm potato). Here follows a few renders from last night. Like Doug I have to emphasize that this is close to useless as strict infoviz, but it does make for nice eye candy.

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Nice! Can you reveal which datasets you used (link)? Is it road spending per capita for 2009?

That’s the one. Like I mentioned above I find this most interesting for its novelty and not perhaps for the exactitude of represemtation. That being said, if you have a dataset you think would be interesting to see dressed up like this just post a link here and I’ll se what I can do.

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