Viser arkivet for februar, 2011

Open source laser cutter Lasersaur using Grbl*

Sweet laser glasses!

Stefan and Addie or Nortd Labs are creating an open source laser cutter. Looking for a suitable firmware they happened across Grbl and dared to try out the ultra-beta acceleration branch which turned out nicely for them:

Initially we wanted to write our own firmware from scratch for an ARM Cortex M3. Then we started playing with some open source AVR firmwares. Man, these 8-bit hackers have done some impressive work. […] In the end we only got grbl to perform smoothly (after updating to the super cutting edge code of Feb 3).

We appreciate their enthusiasm and look forward to assist them in adapting Grbl for laser cutting as much as we look forward to being able to build our own open source laser cutter from their plans.

(Also, if you’d like one, consider pitching in via the paypal links at the bottom of this page)

*) Grbl is our free, open source, high performance CNC controller written in optimized C that will run on a straight Arduino. More

Hello Kitty Stencil

When my first daughter was born 2.5 years ago I attempted shielding her from the insiped, trite garbage that is marketed to their bracket. Pink was not to be worn. Unisex garb in earth tones mandated. And indeed, as resistance proves to be futile, today I milled her a Hello Kitty stencil. So she can wield a clone army of pink little kitties and bomb her way to day care.

Shot and edited on my phone. The volume tends to vary.