Viser arkivet for stikkord grbl

One stop Arduino-shield for Grbl!

Riley Porter and Alden Hart of Synthetos has just announced their Grbl-shield, an Arduino shield purpose built for working with Grbl! Ours is in the mail, and we can’t wait to try it out. (Featured in the blogs of Make and Adafruit)

  • Plug and play compatible with grbl 0.6
  • Three stepper motors supporting X, Y and Z axes
  • 8x microstepping
  • 2.5 amps per winding (bipolar steppers)
  • 12v-30v motor voltage supported
  • Independent current control per axis
  • Motor connectors plug compatible with RepRap and Makerbot electronics
  • Uses TI DRV8811 stepper drivers

micRo w/ GRBL – First Cuts


Last Thursday was spent driving around Oslo buying the equipment to set up our humble workshop in the back room of our office. Today we finally got around to powering up the CNC and making our first few cuts.

Ok so:

1. We’ve never in our lives milled anything
2. Simen has waited a year for his Lumenlab micRo and spent the time building an Arduino compatible motion controller:GRBL

We’re still waiting for proper bits to arrive from Victor Machinery Exchange, but achieved OK-ish results on a cheap cutting board (LDPE) with random bits picked from the bargain bin at our local hardware shop. GRBL worked tirelessly for an entire evening without the need for a single rewrite, cutting both line segment and arcs. We’re pretty ecstatic about this as the code has never been run on an actual milling machine before, just in software simulation. The micRo also seems like a really solid piece of hardware, effortlessly snapping our steel bits when we made an erronous moves with the bit at standstill.